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What kinds of microphones do you know



There are several types of microphones
The microphone belongs to the microphone in the sound system, and its English name is Microphone. It can convert sound into electrical energy and then transmit it to the next stage, and then amplify and play. There are many kinds of microphones.
1. Microphones are classified by shape
According to the shape, we usually have handheld, collar clip, gooseneck, interface, etc.
Handheld microphone: Handheld microphone is mainly used for program hosting and karaoke singing. This type of microphone is generally made of metal materials and equipped with high-strength non-slip metal mesh, which can effectively protect the microphone from damage. The handheld microphone can effectively enhance the main sound source, suppress background noise, and eliminate the air flow noise during singing.
Lavalier microphone: Lavalier microphone is generally used for lectures or singing. Lavalier microphone is very suitable for teachers or actors who need to dance when singing because it is wireless and does not need to be held. In our common TV programs, experts talk and so on. Guests usually don't wear this kind of microphone because it is small and unobtrusive.
Gooseneck microphone: Gooseneck microphone is mainly used for meetings or speeches. This microphone is accurate, clear and sensitive, so it doesn't need to be close to the mouth to capture sound. The microphone rod of the gooseneck microphone can be adjusted as needed to avoid the need for participants to adjust their standing and sitting posture for speaking. This setting can ensure the most comfortable sitting and standing posture of the speaker.
Interface microphone: Interface microphone is commonly used in telephone conference. This microphone is extremely sensitive and has a large pickup range. The voice of participants in the round table can be accurately captured.

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