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Difference between condenser microphone and ordinary microphone



There are two main differences between condenser microphone and ordinary microphone:
1. The technical principles are different. The condenser microphone uses the principle of capacitor charging and discharging, and the dynamic microphone uses the principle of electromagnetic induction;
2. The sound effect is different. There are complex electronic circuits inside the condenser microphone, with high definition and sensitivity. The sound quality is full and thick but not muddy. Ordinary microphone is simple in structure, easy to use and low in noise. The sound quality is characterized by thick, full and strong noise resistance. The disadvantages are low volume, stuffy voice, poor clarity and sensitivity.
Microphone, known as microphone, is an energy converter that converts sound signals into electrical signals. It is translated from Microphone. Also known as microphone and microphone. Microphone has developed from resistance conversion to inductive and capacitive conversion, and a large number of new microphone technologies have gradually developed, including aluminum tape, dynamic microphone and other microphones, as well as condenser microphone and electret microphone widely used at present.

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