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How to use microphone correctly when singing



Use microphone correctly when singing
1. The distance between the microphone and the mouth is 10-15 cm, which is the best distance between the fist.
Don't go too far or too close. The pickup sound too far away is not clear, and too close will pick up some unnecessary airflow noise.
At the same time, the change of the distance between the mouth and the microphone is the change of the volume, and the distance can also be moved according to the demand. For example, the singer will generally pull a little farther when singing high notes. Therefore, you can use your elbow to flexibly control the microphone distance to achieve the best pickup effect.
2. Hold the upper or middle part of the microphone
Generally, the wireless microphone signal is sent and received at the lower end, so the signal is more stable when you hold the upper or middle part of the microphone. Don't hold it too tightly. It is easy to shake if it is too tight. You can hold it.
3. Try to keep your mouth straight
The sound is more plump and mellow when the microphone is picked up.

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