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Some microphone skills for improving the scene effect



Even in today's highly developed audio technology, we still need to face an indisputable fact: in the field of live sound reinforcement, microphone technology still faces very serious challenges, and these challenges often threaten the sound quality of live performance.
Let's first take a look at the various situations we are facing during the live sound reinforcement. Listening to speakers will cause feedback problems. In addition, the sound of the monitor speaker will be connected to the human voice microphone, and the human voice will be colored. The low-frequency sound will be connected to the drum microphone, and the drum sound will be connected to the piano microphone.
Not only that, we will also encounter other problems related to microphones, such as breathing sound, microphone spray sound, noise generated by lighting system, wireless microphone failure and noise, and even current interference.
Although we are facing so many difficulties, we cannot give up. Even if we cannot solve all these problems, we should at least discuss and solve some of them in this article. I will give some suggestions and skills in the next article. According to the experience of the on-site tuner and technicians, these suggestions can help us effectively control the generation of feedback and voice crosstalk, and can also create a clean and natural live sound for the on-site audience.

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