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M1008/A2 Wireless Conference Microphone

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UHF band makes fewer interference compared with the conventional VHF band and more reliable transmission;




  • Product Description
  • ● UHF band makes fewer interference compared with the conventional VHF band and more reliable transmission;
    ● DQPSK digital modulation and frequency synthesis technology provides up to 200 channel selection within interval of 300KHZ within the range of 60MHZ.Due to the inherent high immunity of digital modulation to intermodulation interference, it is very simple and convenient to realize the simultaneous use of multiple sets of machines (for example, 5 sets, a total of 20 transmitting bases). and keep away interference;
    ● Digital modulation and transmission technology with random unique ID is adopted to completely avoid the risk of off-site eavesdropping on the traditional wireless conference microphone system with FM modulation!Ensure confidentiality in signal transmission.
    ● The receiver adopts DQPSK dual-antenna true diversity reception. In a normal indoor environment with a radius of 30-60 meters, it can completely avoid the possible interruption and noise problems in the traditional analog FM modulation single antenna reception mode!
    ● Digital modulation and high fidelity reception ensure that the audio index of the whole machine is consistent!Unlike the traditional FM modulation mode, it will deteriorate with the increase of transmitting distance (with the traditional FM receiving mode, its receiving noise, distortion and other indicators will deteriorate with the increase of transmitting distance!).
    ● Both the receiver and the transmitter base adopt high-definition color LCD TFT display, which makes the working status of the receiver and transmitter clear at a glance:
    ● The TFT display information on the front panel of the receiver includes: under normal working conditions, the channel number of each channel when the four channels (A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H) are working in real time, RF working frequency, volume level display, and real-time AF ,RF signal strength display, real-time display of important information such as the battery level of each channel's transmitter; under the setting menu, the selection of each working channel, working frequency, channel volume and other important parameter settings can be easily switched and executed. The smooth UI interface allows on-site engineering staff to quickly operate proficiently!
    ● The TFT display information of the transmitting base includes: after infrared frequency alignment, the status display of the working channel (A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H) where the transmitting base is located, RF frequency point and RF power tap display, real-time display of important information such as speech time, AF level and battery power.
    Optional gooseneck microphone/handheld/collar clip
    System indicators
    Frequency range: 520MHz--930MHz optional working frequency bands
    Modulation method: DQPSK
    RF working bandwidth: 60MHz
    Number of channels: 200
    Channel spacing: 300KHz
    Frequency stability: ±0.005%
    Dynamic range: >100dB
    Audio response: 20Hz-20KHz (±3dB)
    Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >106 dB
    Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.2%
    Working temperature: -10℃ -+40 ℃
    Receiver index
    Receiver mode: DQPSK dual antenna true decomposition reception
    Wireless interface: BNC/50Ω
    Maximum output level: +10dBV
    Transmitter indicator
    Wireless program: wearable transmitter adopts 1/4 wavelength whip antenna, handheld microphone built-in helical antenna
    Output power: High power 10mW; Low power 3mW
    Spurious suppression: -60dB
    Power supply: two AA batteries (2800mAh)
    Use time: more than 8 hours at 10mW, more than 12 hours at 3mW
    Excellent stacking machine performance:
    In the same space and the same working frequency band, up to 5 sets/groups of receivers (20 conference transmitters) can be used at the same time!
    For example, the actually set working frequency can be:
    The first group: A01, B03, C05, D07
    The second group: A11, B13, C15, D17
    The third group: A21, B23, C25, D27
    The fourth group: A32, B34, C36, D38
    The fifth group: A41, B43, C46, ​​D49
    The specific working frequency point setting can be based on the actual environmental conditions by skipping the interference frequency point in the environment (the receiver comes with RF environmental noise level detection and display function, which is like a simple version of the spectrum analyzer, which is very convenient Commissioning and installation work by field engineers), and ensure that the number of channels for each channel is greater than or equal to 2. For example, A21/B23/C25/D27, or A32/B34/C36/D38, etc. (that is, the working frequency interval between channels is greater than 2.4M).
    Each channel channel and frequency range (take the working frequency band of 600-660MHz as an example):
    CHANNEL A: CH-A01 ~ CH-A50
    FREQUENCY: 600.000MHZ ~ 658.800MHZ with STEP=1.2MHz
    CHANNEL B: CH-B01 ~ CH-B50
    FREQUENCY: 600.300MHZ ~ 659.100MHZ with STEP=1.2MHz
    CHANNEL C: CH-C01 ~ CH-C50
    FREQUENCY: 600.600MHZ ~ 659.400MHZ with STEP=1.2MHz
    CHANNEL D: CH-D01 ~ CH-D50
    FREQUENCY: 600.900MHZ ~ 659.700MHZ with STEP=1.2MHz
    Attached table: "BAND SELECTION TABLE"
    M1008 receiver size chart
    M1008 receiver panel function display
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