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Regarding the design of the sound system of the conference room: these elements should not be ignored!



The importance of preparing in advance, I don't need to say that everyone should know it. Similarly, when building a conference room sound system program, the preliminary survey and design cannot be ignored.
There are many factors to consider when building a conference room sound system solution, such as appropriate loudness and uniformity in the venue, sound transmission gain, sound image positioning, etc. Here are a few elements that should not be ignored:
1. Sound source. Microphone is the main sound source in the conference room sound system solution, and digital conference microphones and wireless conference microphones are commonly used.
2. Signal transmission and stability. The traditional signal transmission technology adopts the analog method, but with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the use of network transmission technology can avoid problems such as line noise and poor sound quality.
3. The degree of sound reproduction. The speaker is responsible for restoring the sound part in the conference room sound system plan. The selection, placement, quantity and sound field conditions of the speakers all affect the degree of sound reproduction during the meeting.
Application plan recommendation: Auditorium, lecture hall application plan
1. The sound pickup system adopts a digital conference system with hand-in-hand voting function, and can realize automatic speech tracking function with the camera;
2. The speech system adopts wireless handheld and head-mounted microphones to meet the mobile speech needs of participants;
3. The sound reinforcement system is composed of a mixer, power amplifier, digital audio processor, main amplifier speaker, supplementary sound box and other equipment;
4. The video system is composed of computers, DVDs, large screens, recording and broadcasting systems, high-definition video matrix and other equipment;
5. Equipped with 1+5 channel simultaneous interpretation system to meet the functional requirements of holding large-scale domestic and foreign conferences;
6. Equipped with a wireless voting device, compatible with wired hand-in-hand, realizing wired and wireless voting functions;
7. The realization of the overall plan is mainly used for reception, press release, holding large-scale domestic and foreign conferences, academic reports, etc., with clear language.

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