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M3001 Wireless Conference System Controller

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The M3001 wireless digital conferencing system is a set of digital wireless conferencing system operating at UHF high frequency band. 




  • Product Description
  • The M3001 wireless digital conferencing system is a set of digital wireless conferencing system operating at UHF high frequency band. 
    The system is operated under full digital mode and various speaking modes.
    Using DQPSK digital modulation, Hi-Fi, high SNR and without sound delay. 
    The unique new condenser microphone core with characteristics of whistling-free, unidirectional performance and high-sensitivity makes sound of the conference almost perfect. 
    The audio channel and control signal are transmitted wirelessly without wiring and the units are randomly located within signal coverage, so layout of the conference site is flexible. 
    The data communication algorithm independently developed for conferencing enables system response rate not subject to number of delegate units within signal coverage. Users add or remove delegate units flexibly. 
    System delegate unit capacity≦2000 pcs (including 5 chairman unit) 
    Various conferencing speaking modes of alternative 1-2-3-4, limit 1-2-3-4 and exclusive chairman are optional .  
    The main control machine can be connected to the central control, and the central control to deliver video tracking function for delegate units at conference site. 
    Ultra-low power consumption provides the delegate units with more than 6 hours’ continuous speaking and more than 20 hours’ standby. 
    The USB charger provided by the manufacturer carries smart charging management circuit to protect battery effectively, extend battery life and ensure safety. 
    TFT high-definition color display.    
    The hierarchical menu design enables operation simple and convenient, such as electric capacity display and under-voltage alert, frequency channel and signal display. 
    Novel shape design, built-in antenna, nice-looking and appropriate. 
    Each unit is powered by chargeable lithium battery and completed with mini USB charger, convenient and environmental protection. 
    The system is operated simply, installed without engineering cabling, economical and practical, and is a preferred choice for large and small-sized conference projects. 
    Specifications and parameters 
    Mode of communication: UHF digital wireless mode (bidirectional) 
    Channel number: 6 channels (1 chairman unit channel, 5 delegate unit channels) 
    Range of frequency: 500MHz-980MHz
    Mode of demodulating: FM 
    Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm 
    Signal coverage: indoor radius 60m 
    Audio frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz 
    Total audio gain: ≦20dB
    SNR: >85dB 
    Total audio harmonic distortion: ≦0.8%
    Power input: DC12V-15V, ≧1A
    Consumption power: <7W
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