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MC9370 True Diversity Wireless Microphone

Product number:1065213305443471360


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Using UHF500-900MHz frequency band, built-in 200 channels, PLL phase-locked loop loop design




  • Product Description
  • Features:
    1. Using UHF500-900MHz frequency band, built-in 200 channels, PLL phase-locked loop loop design
    2. The host has an effective working distance of 150-200 meters (visual distance)
    3. The handheld OLED display can display the channel, frequency and battery level
    4. Hand-held mute switch, moving coil type and capacitive dual microphone core (optional)
    5. Each channel of the host has an independent ID code, with high-fidelity voice, powerful functions, and professional quality with the most stable characteristics
    6. The host adopts a standard cabinet design with a metal shell of 1U, which is easy to install
    System indicators:
    Frequency range: 500-900MHz
    Modulation method: Broadband FM
    Adjustable range: 50MHz
    Number of channels: 200
    Channel spacing: 200KHz
    Frequency stability: within ±0.005%
    Dynamic range: >105dB
    Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz
    Audio response: 40Hz-18KHz (±3dB)
    Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >110dB
    Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.2%
    Working temperature: -25℃--+40℃
    Receiver index:
    Receiver mode: double conversion superheterodyne
    Input power: 5W
    Intermediate frequency: the first intermediate frequency: 110MHz, the second intermediate frequency 10.7MHz
    Wireless interface: BNC/50Ω
    Sensitivity: 12 dBμV (80dBS/N)
    Sensitivity adjustment range: 10-32dBμV
    Spurious suppression: ≥95dB
    Maximum output level: +10 dBV
    Transmitter indicators:

    Antenna program: wearable transmitter adopts 1/4 wavelength whip antenna, handheld microphone Built-in antenna
    Output power: 20mW
    Spurious suppression: -60dB
    Power supply: two AA batteries
    Use time: about 8-10 hours
    • True Diversity Wireless Microphone
    • handheld microphone
    • wireless microphone

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