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DSP1608 Digital Audio Matrix

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The DSP-1608 is a powerful 16-in and 8-out digital audio processor and touch screen operation is used to control interface display.




  • Product Description
  • The DSP-1608 is a powerful 16-in and 8-out digital audio processor and touch screen operation is used to control interface display. ADI SHARC 4th generation of ADSP-21489 floating-point audio DSP chip provides the supreme performance 400 MHz/2200 MFLOP processor capacity. The ultra-low ground noise pre-amplification circuit, low-distortion analog circuit and 114dB audio AD and DA provide high-quality sound in field. The front panel of the device must display volume and display all the input 16 and output 16-channel volume status; the LCD on the front panel displays the current device IP addresses and the presetting numbers and presetting names used the processor for the administrator’s quick identification and identifying the current processors in the system. The front panel is composed of network connection status indicator and error alarm indicator. Where gross error occurs, red alarm indicator twinkles. The device is connected with Android system and smart phone or tablet PC operation software package is supported.  

    Powerful DSP processor capacity
    Based on powerful ADSP-21489 and powerful DSP processing capacity and our unique core DSP algorithm, the built-in standalone 16-channel ultra-low-distortion self-adaptable feedback inhibitor, 16-channel noise gateway, 16-channel input compression limiter, 16-channel 16-band PEQ, 16-channel input 48dB slope high-pass-low-pass filtering, 16-channel 1-second time delayer mean that you can set each input audio channel precisely and exquisitely. The 16×8 full matrix mix function mixes any input channels as you like. The 8 output channels are configured with standalone 8-band PEQ, compression limiters, 48dB slope high-pass-low-pass and 2-second time delayer.

    Built-in sinewave, pink noise and white noise signal generators store 32 presetting values.

    Rich audio channels and control interface
    1 TCP/IP telecommunication port, 1 RS-232 telecommunication port, 1 USB telecommunication port. A third-party telecommunication protocol is opened to meet large, medium and small-sized professional audio projects. Applications of public amplification systems for theatre, music hall, remote video conference, stadium, church, conferencing center and theme park are satisfied.

    Color touch screen status display
    The 5-inch 16-bit true color (64k colors) touch screen is used to adjust volume and call 32 sound effect scenes; the device displays the current IP address, the presetting numbers and presetting names used by the processor. The device is connected to Android system via WIFI and smart phone or tablet PC operation software package is supported.

    Easy-to-use control software
    The software interface is developed through senior sound engineers and professional tuner’s in-depth communication and commissioning and the operators’ practice. The control software is popular and easily understand and can be operated without reading the operating manual. Each input numeral is directly entered by the keyboard. To get the precise value, such as -12.2dB, directly enter -12.2. Operate the volume bar and press Shift+ selected key and press the up and down keys to attain 1dB step forwards and backwards. As for PEQ, Limiter and such complicated parameter adjustment, these parameters can be quickly copied and pasted. You can finish multi-channel data copying easily and conveniently.

    Open RS-232 and TCP/IP telecommunication protocols
    A third-party device is used to control volume, call modes and set mute and TCP/IP protocol is used to read level meters in batch before and after mixing for being integrated with a third-party software.

    Product characteristics:
    High-performance floating-point DSP processing chip;
    16-channel balanced input audio;
    16-channel supports MIC input, each of which supports 48V phantom power supply;
    8 balanced audio output channels
    8-channel standalone self-adaptable feedback inhibitor
    8-channel automatic mixing
    ADC CS5368 114dB dynamic, AC CS4385 114dB dynamic
    Input per channel: pre-amplification, noise gateway, compressor, 16-band parameter equilibrium, delayer and automatic mixing console
    Output per channel: 8-band parameter equilibrium, frequency divider, high- and low-pass filtering, compression limiter and time delayer
    Built-in signal generator: sinewave signal, pink noise and white noise
    Front panel 1602 display indicates IP address and current presetting values
    RS-232 and TCP/IP protocols are opened for a third-party control
    Video recording tracking code output is used for video linking function via a third-party centralized control
    32 scenes presetting function is supported and called via TCP/IP and RS-232 protocols.

    Connected to Android system to support smart phone or tablet computer operation and control software package. 

    Specifications and parameters
    Audio input: 16-channel balanced input, phoenix plug 
    Nominal input level: +4 dBu line or -40 dBu microphone line 
    Microphone pre-amplification gain: 0-40dB analog gain, 20dB digital gain 
    Maximum input level: +23dBu
    Input impedance: >5 kΩ balanced, >3kΩ non-balanced 
    Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR): >70dB @ 1 kHz
    Pre-amplification equivalent input noise (EN N): <-125 dBu, 2 2Hz - 22kHz
    Phantom power supply: +48 V DC
    Audio output: 8 channels of balanced line level, phoenix plug 
    Nominal output level: :0 dBu line level 
    Output impedance: 600 Ω balanced 
    DSP frequency and processing capacity: 400Mhz,400MIPS,2200 MFLOP
    Sampling frequency/quantification: 48 kHz, 24Bi t ADC and 24Bi t DAC
    Frequency response: 20 Hz -20 kHz, + /- 0. 5 dB
    Dynamic range: 114 dB,ADC, DAC
    THD: <0. 01%;20Hz~20kHz@+4dBu
    Inter-channel crosstalk: >-80 dB @ 1 kHz, typical 
    Equipment dimensions WxDxH:2U, 482 mm x 380mm x 88mm
    Power supply: 100~240VA, 50/60 Hz, 75W

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