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MC9169H IR Receiver Unit

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The appearance design is exquisite and smooth, accord with ergonomics.




  • Product Description
  • The appearance design is exquisite and smooth, accord with ergonomics.
    Lightweight receiver, used with earphones, makes users feel more relaxed and comfortable.
    Each channel does not interfere with each other to listen to, and 12-channel language selection (rolling cycle).
    LCD display (channel selection indicator, signal strength indicator, battery indicator)
    Electronic volume switch, which can be adjusted freely (28 levels).
    There is compression function (low noise, no broken sound, wide dynamic range).
    Equipped with a charging box, the receiving unit has a charging function.
    The power supply of the receiving unit adopts a rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for up to 30 hours.
    The data set by the receiving unit has a power-down storage function.
    Within the effective range of infrared emission, the increase in the number of receiving units is not limited.
    It is not restricted by the seats in the venue, and can move around within the signal transmission range.
    The battery cover of the receiving unit can be locked.
    The receiving unit has directionality when charging.
    • IR interpretation system

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