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M3000/A1 Wireless Conference system Microphone

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TFT true color high-definition display, hierarchical menu design, simple and quick operation.




  • Product Description
  • TFT true color high-definition display, hierarchical menu design, simple and quick operation.
    Special boot LOGO or conference emblem can be customized, and the timing of speaking is displayed.
    Built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, each microphone unit is equipped with a dedicated charger.
    Ultra-low power consumption, the attending unit has more than 8 hours of continuous speaking time and 48 hours of standby time.
    Power display and undervoltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication functions.
    The built-in antenna is beautiful and practical.
    Electronic volume adjustment, with one-key anti-cough mute function.
    The built-in Hi-Fi condenser sound head delivers superior sound reproduction, high articulation, low noise, efficient whistling inhibition function and powerful sound pickup.
    The chairman unit is entitled to disenable any delegate unit without restriction and is granted with priority of speaking. 

    Specifications and parameters
    Operating power: DC 3.7V -- 5V
    Consumption power: standby≦360mW,Speaking status≦630mW
    Operating temperature: -10℃-40℃
    Mode of communication 1: UHF digital wireless mode (undirectional)
    Channel number: 6 channels
    Range of frequency: 500MHz -980MHz
    Mode of modulating: FM
    Maximum modulated quantity: 60K 
    Radiation power:≦+9dBm
    Frequency deviation: <0.002
    Reference speaking distance: 30cm-50cm



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