Professional digital conference system manufacturer

MC9160 Multifunctional conference system controller

The industrial standard CAN bus makes more stable and reliable system operation and data transmission.


MC91682 Voting conference system microphone

The SCM-controlled digital circuit realizes digitalized management and automatically tracks video tracking/voting and polling/signing-in and rating/discussing functions. 


MC9160 Video Conference System microphone

The new design keeps the traditional steadiness and modern science and technology elements


MC91602 Video Conference System Microphone

uilt-in Hi-Fi condenser sound head reproducers sound better, high articulation and low noise. 


MC91603 l Video Conference System Microphone

Built-in Hi-Fi condenser sound head makes excellent sound production, high articulation and low noise


MC91604 Video Conference System Microphone

Exquisite and elegant  dual sound head structure design conforms to human engineering science and is of modern atmosphere.

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