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MC7240 Automatic Feedback Suppressor

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The MC7240 four-channel automatic high-speed feed suppressor uses a powerful signal processor  to suppress the occurrence of acoustic feedback.




  • Product Description
  • The MC7240 four-channel automatic high-speed feed suppressor uses a powerful signal processor  to suppress the occurrence of acoustic feedback. It uses the algorithm of echo offset and echo elimination to eliminate echo within the room effectively to eliminate acoustic feedback. The shielded noise (unheard noise) is added to the output signal, or the frequency of output signal is changed by 5Hz, the MC7240 feedback inhibitor detects components resulting in echo and removes before the feedback, and keeps the initial signal unchanged. Input channel number: 4 channels (4-channel balanced lines/microphone inputs or 4-channel 6.35 non-balanced input). The 48V phantom power switch selection switch is available as power supply for 4 microphones. 
    Characteristics and advantages: 
    • Color LCD display
    •Naturally eliminating feedback 
    •Automatically adaptable to acoustic environment  
    •Up to 12dB additional gain to prevent feedback effectively 
    •4-channel balanced line or microphone input completed with phantom power supply 
    •The self-adaptable filter is switched between “swift mode” and “precise mode”. 
    The swift mode is applicable to situations with frequently changed locations of microphones: 
    For instance, in the discussion system installed with many conversion microphones, the precise mode is applicable to situations with fixed locations of microphones. 
    For instance, in the rostrum with relatively complicated acoustic environment, 
    The self-adaptable filter constraints at relatively lower speed to inhibit more echo components. 
    Before acoustic feedback, additional up to 12dB gain is obtained subject to acoustic environment and the selected operating modes. 
    The MC7240 feedback inhibitor is built-in automatic mixer for 4-line microphone input. 
    Under many situations such as speaking stage, rostrum or conference table, use of 4 microphones captures voice from walking lecturers, thus risk of acoustic feedback is increased. 
    In terms of this issue, the automatic mixer in the MCMYK feedback inhibitor automatically decreases the gain of the microphone with weak input and increases the gain of the microphone with strong signal input. 
    Technical characteristics 
    1. Ultra-wide frequency response circuit technology, without inflexion and metallic final sound and powerfully inhibiting echo. 
    2. Digital frequency shifting technology powerfully prevents whistling and produces mellow and full, and stable sound, without unstable and dry sound. 
    3. Super-stable: built-in crystal oscillation, software algorithm and excellent stability, slightly affected by temperature and external environment. 
    4. Appropriate audio spectrum is tailored based on applications to enhance system gain significantly. 
    The MC7240 full-automatic frequency shifting feedback inhibitor cooperates with MCMYK microphones and does not whistle and cause inflexion with pickup distance from 50CM to 100CM when dozens of microphones turned on within one conference site. 
    Specifications and parameters 
    Input channel number: 4 channels (4-channel balance input or 4-channel 6.35 non-channel input) 
    Power supply voltage: 4-channel 48V phantom power supply 
    Rated voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
    Sampling rate: 48KHz,24bitAD/DA
    Frequency response: 125Hz~15KHz (voice mode) 
                        20Hz~15KHz (music mode) 
    Distortion: >0.1%@ 1KHz
    SNR: >90dB
    Signal delay: 7Ms (music mode) 
                  11Ms (voice mode) 
    Input impedance: 20K ohm
    Output impedance: (balanced) 200ohm
    Range of temperature: -10~55℃
    Weight: 2.5KG
    Dimensions: 480×212×44mm
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