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MC288 Condenser Conference Microphone

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The desktop microphone based used with other 3-pin Cannon male microphone devices. 




  • Product Description
  • Exquisite and elegant short-stem dual sound head structure design conforms to human engineering science and is of modern atmosphere.
    The  microphone pickup head taken acoustic space requirements (sensitivity, directivity factor and director coefficient) into account reproduces better sound and reaches further pickup distance.
    It is designed for reinforced pickup, conference, TV and broadcasting, professional recording and other pickup applications with high quality requirements.
    Electret condenser cardioid directional microphone
    Powerful capability against mobile phone disturbance
    Built-in sound head preamplification power supply and amplifier assembly externally connected to D.C. 48V phantom power supply for operation. 
    Built-in high-quality low-frequency attenuation circuit
    Simple and quick installation. 
    Low-impedance balanced audio output. 
    The desktop microphone based used with other 3-pin Cannon male microphone devices. 


    Specifications and parameters
    Directivity: unidirectional
    Frequency response: 20 Hz-20KHz
    Sensitivity: -45dB/±3dB (1KHz)
    Low-frequency attenuation: 125Hz 6dB/OCTAVE
    Output impedance: 200Ω
    Maximum withstanding sound pressure: 125dB SPL 1KHz AT1%   T.H.D
    SNR: 66dB.1KHz AT 1PA
    Dynamic range: 111dB.1KHz AT MAX SPL
    Power supply: 48V Phantom
    Output connector: built-in 3-pin Cannon male connector 
    Lead wire length: 10m (balanced)


    • Table microphone
    • Condenser microphone
    • gooseneck microphone
    • Meeting microphone

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