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MC9169 Video Conference System Microphone

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The single-chip microcomputer controls the digital circuit, realizes digital management, automatic video tracking/discussion function.




  • Product Description
  • MC9169-1 Chairman unit  MC9169-2 Delegate unit
    SCM control digital circuit realizes digitalized management and automatic video tracking//discussion function. 
    Taken acoustic space requirements (sensitivity grade, directivity factor, directivity coefficient), the patented elongated microphone pickup head reproduces sound better and reaches a further sound pickup distance. 
    International advanced flocking process surface treatment and stable metal material base, nice-looking and fashionable; awarded the national utility and shape design. 
    LCD displays microphone on/off status and dynamic level and volume control and the displayed content flaps over within 8 seconds. 
    Rotary-teeth lock aviation connection Cannon prevents blasting sound from poor contact more effectively. 
    Built-in Hi-Fi/anti-mobile signal interference condenser pickup sound reproduces sound better, high articulation, low noise and efficient whistling inhibition function. 
    The management software is used for assigning speech, applying for speech, exclusive for chairman and setting speech time and other additional functions. 
    The chairman unit is entitled to switching off any delegate unit from time to time with speech priority. 
    Built-in Hi-Fi Φ75 loudspeaker, dual-track earphone output and electronic code switch for volume adjustment. 
    315-degree omnidirectional flexible stainless-steel tube and user customizes microphone stem length. 
    With microphone switched on, the blue sound head operating indicator is illuminating
    Specifications and parameters 
    Type: condenser
    Directivity: unidirectional
    Frequency response: 50 Hz-14 KHz
    Sensitivity: -45±2dB @ 1KHz
    Input voltage: DC 24V (powered by central processor)
    Minimum output impedance: 1KΩ
    SNR: 68dB(A)
    Output socket: 8P terminal base
    Input lead wire: 2.1m 8P shielded wire    
    Accessory: windproof sponge cover 
    • Conference system microphone
    • Conference microphone

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