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M-7200 Automatic Feedback Suppressor

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The M-7200 four-channel automatic high-speed feed suppressor uses a powerful signal processor  to suppress the occurrence of acoustic feedback.




  • Product Description
  • The M-7200 four-channel automatic high-speed feed suppressor uses a powerful signal processor  to suppress the occurrence of acoustic feedback. It uses echo cancellation and reverberation elimination algorithms to effectively filter room reverberation, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating acoustic feedback. By adding shielding noise (inaudible noise) to the output signal, or changing the frequency of the output signal by 5 Hz, the M-7200 feedback suppressor can detect the component that causes reverberation in the signal and remove it before the feedback appears , While keeping the initial signal intact. Number of input channels: 4 channels (4 channels of balanced line/microphone input or 4 channels of 6.35 unbalanced input). Provides 48V phantom power switch selection module, which can provide power for 4 microphones.
    Features and advantages:
    • Eliminate feedback before it happens
    • Automatically adapt to the acoustic environment
    • Up to 12 dB additional gain to effectively prevent feedback
    • 4-channel balanced line or microphone input, providing phantom power
    • Adaptive filter can switch between "fast" mode and "precise" mode
    • 2.2 inch color LCD display
    The fast mode is suitable for occasions where the microphone position changes frequently:
    For example, in a discussion system equipped with multiple conversion microphones. The precise mode is suitable for occasions where the microphone position is fixed.
    For example, a forum with a more complicated acoustic environment.
    The adaptive filter can converge at a slower speed, thereby suppressing more reverberation components.
    Before acoustic feedback occurs, an additional gain of up to 12dB can be obtained, depending on the acoustic environment and the selected operating mode.
    The M-7200 feedback suppressor also has a built-in automatic mixer to achieve 4 microphone inputs.
    In many cases, such as on a podium, forum or conference table, using 4 microphones can better capture the voice of a moving speaker, and this often increases the risk of acoustic feedback.
    In view of this problem, the automatic mixer in the MCMYK feedback suppressor will automatically reduce the gain of the microphone with the weaker signal input and increase the gain of the other microphone with the stronger signal input.
    Technical characteristics
    1. Ultra-wide frequency response circuit technology, no sound change, no metal tail, strong echo suppression.
    2. Digital frequency shift technology, super anti-howling, mellow and stable sound, no floating and dry phenomenon.
    3. Super stable: Built-in crystal oscillator, software algorithm, stable performance, little temperature and external interference.
    4. The appropriate audio frequency spectrum can be customized according to the application, thereby greatly improving the system gain.
    M-7200 full-automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor cooperates with any type of MCMYK microphones. When dozens of microphones are turned on at the same venue at the same time, it can achieve a pickup of 50cm to 100cm without whistling.
    Number of input channels: 4 channels (4 channels balanced input or select 4 channels 6.35 unbalanced input)
    Power supply voltage: 4 channels 48V phantom power supply
    Rated voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
    Sampling frequency: 48KHz,24bitAD/DA
    Frequency response: 125Hz~15KHz (voice mode) / 20Hz~15KHz (music mode)
    Distortion: >0.1%@ 1KHz
    Signal to noise ratio: >90dB
    Signal delay: 7Ms (music mode) / 11MS (voice mode)
    Input impedance: 20K ohm
    Output impedance: (balanced) 200ohm
    Temperature range: -10~55℃
    Weight: 2.5KG
    Size: 480×212×44mm
    M-7200 four-channel automatic feedback suppressor panel function display
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