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M7001 Power Sequencer

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M7001 series power sequencer can start all kinds of equipment one by one according to the order of the system from the front to the back; when shutting down, the system equipment is shut down from the back to the front.




  • Product Description
  • The M7001 series power sequencer can start all kinds of equipment one by one in the order of the system from the front to the back; when shutting down, the system equipment is shut down in the order from the back to the front. In this way, the connected electrical equipment can be effectively and uniformly controlled, man-made mistakes are avoided, and the damage of terminal equipment (such as power amplifiers, speakers, etc.) that may be caused by such mistakes is completely solved, and the on/off use can be reduced at the same time. The impulse current of electrical equipment on the transmission line. Because of its superior performance, system administrators will always bid farewell to the tedious switch operation. The sequencer used to control the on/off of the electrical equipment of the system is an indispensable element of sound engineering, TV broadcasting system, computer network system and other electrical engineering.
    The 10-channel multi-function socket meets the electrical standard equipment of different countries in the world.
    AC100V-240V 50/60Hz, using imported electronic components 50W broadband switching power supply for stable operation.
    Adopt 30A high-quality relay, 13A oxygen-free phosphor copper standard universal socket, double-sided spray tin circuit board.
    EMI professional grid filter is optional.
    With RS232 control interface, it can be externally controlled by digital central control equipment, and RS232 to USB data cable can be used.
    Large current air type gate knife switch protection equipment.
    Time and other parameters can be set freely, and 255 units can be extended online at the same time. The random software control interface displays the control status of 4 units in real time.
    Power input conditions (single-phase 3-wire): AC90-260V/50-60Hz
    Number of channels: 8 channels
    Single channel power: 2000W
    Output power socket specifications: 13A universal socket, phosphor bronze material, in line with European and American standards
    Interval time of each switch: 1 second by default (time can be set freely by software)
    Output relay electric shock current: 30A 227VAC
    Circuit board specifications: double-sided spray tin circuit board, the main current traces are twice thickened and thickened
    Transformer specifications: built-in switching power supply, using global voltage
    Main cable specifications: 3*6 square cable, 1.2 meters in length
    Chassis height: 1U
    Switch type: push-button tact switch
    Single independent switch function: Yes
    Voltage display meter type: large-screen LCD voltage display meter
    Remote control function: None (optional)
    Online function: Yes
    External control switch interface: None (optional)
    Random control software and support central control function: Yes
    Power purification function (EMI professional grid filter): None (optional)
    Short circuit overcurrent protection circuit breaker configuration: Yes
    Body size: length 480MM*width 210MM*height 48MM
    Stand-alone packaging size: length 560MM* width 335MM* height 100MM
    Total weight (including packaging): 4.5KG
    M7001 10-channel power sequencer panel function display
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